Esther Gómez


Hello! My name is Esther Gomez, I am a handicrafts lover, design and everything that is related to decoration.

Since I was child, I remember that I always liked drawing, painting and crafting. I had lots of fun playing with colours and materials to create fantasy worlds with my hands. My family called me “dauber” at home.

I guess this hobby drove me to pursue a degree in fine arts and specialize in restoration and conservation of artworks. Product design also attracted me from the beginning as photography, ilustration…

In 2014, after 9 years as technical restorer my husband had a chance to promote so we packed our lauggage and started a new life in Bristol.

One day in February 2016, I decided to set up a cosy online store to display and sell my creations. Why not? Perhaps someone is interested in buying them, aren´t they?

So I began “Yashumary Art & Design Handmade”, a project with full of passion and with the support of my family, friends and my hubby. But hold on… What could you find in “Yashumary Art & Design Handmade”? different, unique, quality products, made with the best materials, love and care to give an especial touch to your home. My products are handcrafted and environmentally friendly; avoiding mass-produced, and disposable products.

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